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The four day work week comments from our staff

Devoe Rangi


Devoe Rangi [10/03/2020] -

"The first month of the 4DWW was a success. I was able to achieve 106% of targets with 20% less time along with adding value to some of my regular meeting clients. At first, it came as a shock because I thought “how am I ever going to get all this work done with only 32 hours?”. However, once the dust settled, my mind set shifted. I was now thinking “what can I do to get all this work done in 32 hours”.

The first place we looked at was in our internal processes. Do these processes add value to our clients (our number one driver)? If not, how can we make these processes more efficient and easier to complete?

Those 2 questions guided me in looking at tools that can help us perform internal tasks more efficiently. Two of the tools that became the front runners were Teams and Trello. Using these tools, we were able to cut internal meetings to only 30 minutes, sometimes even 10! – and it enabled people to have clarity around what needed to be done in the week to ensure we earnt that 5th day.

One of the most important factors was having transparent targets and goals. You need to understand what you are aiming at to understand what you need to be doing. We all sat down as a team to talk through what the key performance indicators (KPIs) needed to be, why they were important, and to brainstorm ideas around how they could be achieved.

Now we are into month 2 >> My goals are the same and my mindset is the same – I believe I will be able to replicate that same success from the first month and enjoy Fridays to myself!"

Emma Bergström

Practice Manager

Emma Bergström [31/03/2020] -

"We are now on the second month of our 4DWW-trial and to say the least – life and work certainly looks different compared to the first month! We are all at home under Level 4 restrictions and we are all trying to stay sane during this madness. I know the whole Connected Accountant team have been working hard these past few weeks to provide as much support as possible for you, our clients, but also providing support for our internal team. 

We implemented our four day work week policies before the lockdown, so we were already prepared to work remotely. As Devoe mentioned, we have introduced Microsoft Teams to our team, and it has been a great tool to use for support and communication. I am also very glad for tools such as ZOOM so I can still see the faces of my fellow colleagues. I can honestly say that I miss the small talks by the coffee machine in the mornings and I cannot wait to do that again!

I feel that the lockdown has brought us together as a team, colleagues and friends. We have daily check-ins and we have all been working even harder on the communication within the team.  

As far as 4DWW goes, I have thoroughly enjoyed it. Being the office manager, my personal success is not measured in numbers but I have found that I can focus for a longer period than before and that I also get more done, even with less time!

I had to look into what I needed to change in order to do all that I needed to do in four days rather than five days. The first thing I did was to change the due dates of tasks to “do dates” – I can thank Trello for providing me with that little gem of advice. Another thing that keeps me productive throughout the week is the idea that the 4DWW is Connected Accountants rewarding us for doing a good job. This is a huge motivator for me to continue doing a good job!"

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Anneri Dippenaar wrote:
11 Mar 4:15pm
Powerful thing - a mind set shift. And of course having clear goals to work towards. Great post Devoe.
Devoe Rangi replied with:
11 Mar 6:31pm
Thanks Anneri - having the goals were massive enablers. What good is shooting a basketball if there's no basket?


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