We're business curious

Clear and insightful advice is our cornerstone. At Connected Accountants you'll find everything you’d expect from a chartered accountancy firm. But that's just the launchpad. We think broadly, creatively and astutely to build meaningful relationships focussed towards growing your success.

Ours is a holistic approach — we dig deep to get to know you, your people, and your unique situation, helping you navigate challenges and leverage opportunities. It’s simply better business.

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Bean counting is out; dynamic business advice is in.
Our motivation is your success —  we bring the knowledge and services to see that happen.

Connecting you

We know better results are achieved with more than one brain doing the thinking. Our team work with you to deliver a range of core services. Connecting with us means gaining our expertise and access to our strategic partners, business coaches, sales and marketing experts, financial advisers, insurance specialists, mortgage brokers and lawyers.
So, whether it’s staying afloat in a global pandemic, winning in a new market, setting up new technology or improving your environmental impact, we’re here to help you achieve better business outcomes that give you the edge.

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The Skinny

It's been 12 months and I have achieved... what?

Doing something over and over even when it fails is insanity. Read through three simple questions that will help you reflect on the past, find areas of improvement, and innovate into next year.

Keep Your Finger on the Pulse with Smart Reporting Tools

We're diving into the smart reporting tools we use to mitigate problems small businesses face in this tough economy. These discussed are great resources for small business owners to lean on. Check out the blog to discover how we can help you keep your finger on the pulse of your business.

Connected Accountants 20 Years On

Founder Anne Stephenson's illustrates the many trials and tribulations experienced in the foundational years, the lessons learnt over two decades in business, and the resilience and fortitude of Connected Accountants today.