Now's the time.

In complex and challenging times, having clear and insightful advice matters more than ever. At Connected Accountants we’re here for you and your business, every step of the way.

We deliver everything you’d expect from a traditional accountant. But that’s just the launchpad. We’re focused on building meaningful relationships with our clients. Our team thinks broadly, creatively and astutely to help grow and sustain success.

For us, it’s about simply better business.

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We're business curious

We challenge, ask why, and can it be done better? We take a holistic approach and dig a little deeper to get to know you, your people, your industry and your unique situation within it.

Every new day serves up challenges and opportunities. We’re proven early adopters and put new ideas into play that can make all the difference for business success.

Who we are
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The big picture matters

We work differently. Bean counting is out; changing the dynamics of business advisory is in. Our motivation is to see you succeed, and we bring to bear the knowledge and services you need to do just that.

Whether it’s staying afloat in a pandemic, winning in a new market, setting up with new technology or improving your environmental impact, we’ll help you make and action choices that give you an edge and help you on your way towards better business.

How we work

Connecting with you

We know that better results are achieved when there’s more than one brain doing the thinking. Our team works together, with you and for you, to deliver a range of core services. Beyond our walls, we partner with others so you have the right mix of experts to meet your needs.

By connecting with us, you also connect with our strategic partners—business coaches, sales and marketing experts, financial advisers, insurance specialists, mortgage brokers, lawyers—all working together to help you achieve your goals and aspirations. 

What we do

The Skinny

The link between leadership and wellbeing

Connected Accountants invests in wellbeing and has set about making it a core plank of our strategy. It isn’t a ‘set and forget’ but an ongoing commitment to improve and focus on the wellbeing of our team. We want our whole team to be happy and healthy and for that positivity to be felt by the customers we work with and the community that we operate within. Craig Hudson from Xero recently presented a personal and business case as to why empathetic leadership matters for you, your team, and your business and what you can do to help set the wheels in motion.

Is Open Banking the Future?

Open banking is a global trend that presents opportunities for SME’s in customer experience and business finance. We are on the cusp of radical changes in the financial system that will increase the efficiencies of getting paid, making payments, and securing fairer access to capital. Read more on how these advancements in technology will aid in a more efficienct and improved financial system which enables better advice for better business.

Trust Law Changes - Into the 21st Century

From January 2021 a new Trustee Act will come into effect bringing with it new expectations on trustees.  A number of the changes are around the duties, obligations and responsibilities of the trustees to the beneficiaries.  With somewhere between 300,000 - 500,000 trusts in NZ, these changes will have a wide-ranging impact. Have a read through what it may mean for you and your family trust.