How we work

We’re knowledge-rich chartered accountants but also business growth mentors, using our insight, creativity, ideas, and hard-learned experience to help others grow. We love learning about businesses and the people behind them and see your business as an extension of our own. Our service plans include unlimited queries, so you always feel supported.

We want to learn what’s important to you, and where to take your business. That is why, as your Chartered Accountants and business growth specialists we meet with you on a regular basis; reviewing results and helping set new targets, so your business continues to work for you. And we don’t pretend to know it all, which is why we connect with strategic partners, driven by the same desire to help businesses succeed.

Contact our Wellington based business advisors today and get your business on track for growth.

How are we different?

Supporting better business outcomes
In complex and challenging times, simple transparency matters most - which is why we’re open in our communications and give an unequivocal opinion. Our socially dextrous accountants talk in your language and keep in touch with you with unlimited time for calls and emails to keep you ahead of the game. Our upfront, fixed fee is the final fee, not a starting point for a budget.

    Connecting you
    We love cloud technology and efficiency; it allows us to connect more closely to you and your business. We also work with strategic partners and can connect you with the right people, services, and representatives to help you achieve your business goals.

      Curiosity fuelled
      We challenge, ask why and how it can be done better. By taking a holistic approach we dig deeper, to understand you, your industry, and your unique situation. Working with you means we put your interests first. We believe in collaboration and that better outcomes come from a cohesive team working towards a single goal.

      Big picture thinking
      Better businesses that have a long-term view are built to last. We take a sustainable approach to our business in a number of ways. We measure and actively reduce our carbon footprint and ensure that we are carbon negative with the help of our good friends at Trees That Count. As members of the Sustainable Business Network, we work to enable businesses to succeed with sustainability in mind – so people and nature can prosper. We invest in our people so that we build the sustainability capability necessary to help our clients make a difference. We have a team member who is GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) Certified and are here to help SMEs build sustainability into their business planning and help report on their progress.

        We also believe the well-being of our team is sacrosanct. That’s why we operate a four-day work week (paid for five days) and firmly focus on evolving a culture that ensures coming to work is a pleasure. It’s simply better business.