How we work

Gone are the days of meeting with your accountant only once a year. In a fast-paced world, monitoring and measuring your results is a crucial component of improving the results you get. 

We love business and we love learning about business and the people that run them. We are knowledge-rich chartered accountants but more importantly we are business mentors who use our insight, creativity, ideas, and hard-learned experience to help other businesses grow.

We do not pretend to know it all which is why we have connected with some great strategic partners who are driven by the same desire to help business owners succeed.

We want to learn what is important to you, where your business is at and where you want to take it next. As goals are achieved, the goalposts change and we need to know to continually deliver great value. That is why, as your Chartered Accountants and business growth specialists, we meet with you on a regular basis; to review your goals and results and help set new targets so your business continues to deliver you the lifestyle you want.

Contact our Wellington based business advisors today and get your business on track for growth.

How are we different?

We have made mistakes - lots of them. So we can help prevent you falling into the same traps.

We love cloud technology and efficiency because it means we can be closely connected to your business.

If we do not do it in our business, we will not ask you to do it.

We regard an upfront fixed fee quote as the final fee, not a starting point for a budget.

We believe in collaboration - no one individual can get a better outcome that a cohesive team working towards a single goal.

We give you unlimited time over a year for telephone calls or emails on all the little issues that arise, so you need never fear asking us a question. Ever.

We talk your language. We have even managed to employ accountants who are socially dextrous. 

We keep in touch with you throughout the year so you can keep ahead of the game.

We love transparency. That is why we are very open in our communications with you and will give an unequivocal opinion.

Not only do we fix up our (rare) mistakes at no charge, we also cover any tax penalties that IRD might charge so that you are not out of pocket. That is our guarantee to you. 

We believe everyone should be financially literate. And we will do our best to educate all.