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Managing a business is stressful. It can feel like you against the world. To combat that you need a support network to help guide you. A business advisory that moves beyond rock solid accounting, to deliver the broad range of services you need. 

We know it takes many skill sets to build a successful business - so we partner with others, to deliver the best people for your needs. Connecting with us means you also connect with our strategic partners - business coaches, sales and marketing experts, financial advisers, insurance specialists, mortgage brokers, lawyers - all working together to help you achieve your goals and aspirations.  

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We believe in straightforward communication to help build the foundations for a
successful partnership.

Accounting and Tax

There's a compliance aspect to preparing accounts and tax returns - our aim is to turn that compliance into added value. Using Accounting Software, and real time information, we're able to see your obligations, and comment on the current health of your business. 

Xero Training

Connected Accountants had the foresight to be one of the first ten in the world to sign up to Xero, so we know it inside out and upside down. We’ll help you set Xero up right from the start, give you training on how to use the program and help you prepare and file your first GST return. Also, if you don’t have the time or ability to maintain records, we can introduce you to some bookkeepers who’d be happy to do it for you.

Annual Accounts & Tax
Because we work closely with your Xero data we can efficiently undertake your annual account work – resulting in cost savings for you. While we’re at it, we’ll look for ways you could improve your finance, profitability and tax position, as well as reducing risks to your finance. 

Business Structure
You can structure your business as a sole trader, partnership, company, trading trust or limited liability partnership – we’re are familiar with them all, and the advantages and disadvantages of each. We work with you, and your advisers, to determine the best structure for balancing tax efficiencies and risk protection. We like simple, because it makes it easy for everyone to understand, as well as being far more cost-effective to run.

Smart Reporting
We bring together financial results, key business metrics, Google analytics, industry benchmarks and other analytical measurements, to form one simple, easy-to-understand report, which helps you quickly access your business position and make smart decisions

Business Growth

The challenges of running a business increases in complexity as you add more staff and customers. Which means a business owner’s role must change to meet growing demands. The key to harnessing that growth is communication and delegation, with a clear focus on what the future looks like. This is the stage at which to put down tools and develop into a new type of business owner.

Accountability Meetings
Many businesses are fantastic at creating business plans, but fail when it comes to implement them. The principle reason for this is a lack of accountability. If you’re serious about growth then working in pursuit of productivity, profitability and progress will make a difference to your outcomes.

Budgets and Cashflow Forecasts
By taking the time to convert your business goals into financial targets you’ll increase the chance that others will believe them. Budgets and cashflows put you in the driving seat, so you can make better business decisions when things don't go to plan.

Strategic Planning
Having no strategic plan puts you at a disadvantage, when setting yourself up against competitors, and restricts your business growth. Because as a business grows, and the role of the owners changes from on-site to building business models, the wider team becomes far more critical to the retention of customers and the delivery of quality services. They’re the ones that directly benefit from your good planning. Luckily, Connected Accountants have a strategic playbook, designed to develop one-page briefs, either over a select period of time or through a one-day workshop.

KPI and Metric Accounting
Our smart reporting format helps clear the clutter away. Through a mix of graphic and numeric trend reports, our format makes it easy to understand what’s happening in your business. And we don’t stop at your financial system; we’ll report on other important numbers, including key metrics, Google analytics and whatever is important to the financial and strategic success of your business.

Smart Technology

Technology allows us to now convert information and data into actionable tasks. Ensuring the correct systems are set up to be able to capture this information is important. We’ll look at how your business functions and how you function, what systems should be recommended to streamline your processes, and what needs to be done to ensure that your tools fully integrate together.

System Analysis
While Xero might be at the heart of your financial reporting, it’s rarely the critical business system that enables you to measure and manage either job profitability or staff productivity. For that a rostering, job management or reservations system is needed, depending on what sort of business you are in. We work with experts in systems design and architecture to define your specific information needs, select the appropriate time-management solution, and implement and manage training for your team.

Integrations with Xero
Before the advent of the cloud, computing was beyond the reach of most small businesses, who’d want to put together an integrated, online business system. Now, for a monthly subscription, it’s possible to build technology solutions that enable better business management. The key is information transfer, from one system to another, without the need for human intervention. We ensure that our recommended technology solutions integrate seamlessly with your business, allowing for an easy flow of information and data.

Cloud Based Storage
We understand how important it is to be able to access the information you need, which is why we store everything in the cloud. We’re members of the Sustainable Business Network, and we offset our carbon footprint on a yearly basis, by planting native New Zealand trees through Trees That Count.

Actionable Management Reports
Numbers don’t mean anything, unless they’re followed by clear and concise action. We look into the numbers and tell you what they show. Our reports, in combination with collaborative management meetings, mean we can delve into the now what - what is where the true value relies.

Future Wealth

The reason most people start a business is for the freedom - measured either in personal time or money. But money is merely the financial tool through which you unlock your desired lifestyle. So, if you wish to have the financial freedom to live the life you want, then it’s important to design your own passive income streams - and while we're not financial advisors, we do have plenty of opinions on how taking steps like these can help grow your wealth. 

Trust Management
Trusts are often over-used, but they can be an effective tool for separating your personal assets from your business risks. Having a trust is the easy part though – the hard part is making sure that you’re managing your trust, so as to keep your assets safe. Because we’ll look at the trust’s financial position at least once a year, we’re best placed to ensure you have covered off the essential trust management processes. 

Business Valuation
The value of a business is determined by two factors; one being the level of annual profit a business is capable of generating, and the other being the rate of desired return, given the inherent business risks. Our business assessment will highlight areas where you can either reduce business risk or increase business value. We’re experienced in business valuations, so you can be confident in accessing what your business is worth.

Rental Investments
If you’re looking at rental investments, we can help evaluate potential opportunities, as well as make sure your record-keeping enables you to evaluate on each property. We also work with mortgage brokers and bankers around loan structuring, keeping a watchful eye on interest rates. Overall, we’re familiar with tax implications on property, and can make sure you stay on the right side of the rules.

Network of Financial Advisers
We work with our clients to help them set personal financial goals and improve their personal situation. We also work with financial advisors to build long-range financial forecasts, based on four key factors influencing your lifestyle. Those four factors are:  1. How much you save whilst working.
2. When you want to stop earning.
3. How much you’ll want to spend when you’re no longer earning.
4. How much you want to leave to your children.

Our plans

Get Set

From $247 per month + GST

Sorting all the essential accounting and tax requirements. Suitable for contractors, micro-businesses and start-ups. 

Annual accounts 
Income tax return 
Tax management and liaison with IRD 
Annual tax planning review 
Xero cashbook subscription 
Unlimited queries 
Annual dashboard report 

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Get to Know

From $547 per month + GST

Not only covering the essentials, but also getting to understand your business and how it could grow. 

 Annual accounts 
Income tax return 
Tax management and liaison with IRD 
Six-monthly tax planning review 
Xero business subscription 
Unlimited queries 
Quarterly smart reports
Quarterly accountability meetings 
KPI development session 
Annual budget and cashflow 

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Get to Grow

From $847 per month + GST

For businesses that are serious about growth and making it happen asap. 

 Annual accounts 
Income tax return 
Tax management and liaison with IRD 
Four-monthly tax planning review 
Xero business subscription 
Unlimited queries 
Monthly smart reports, incorporating            KPI targets 
Annual industry benchmark report 
Monthly accountability meetings 
KPI development session 
Annual budget and cashflow 
Quarterly strategic plan review

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