Changes in Payroll filing requirements

If you’re calculating pays and filing PAYE manually, your admin workload is about to double. Here’s how you can get ready for the changes to payroll filing.

From 1st of April 2019 all employers must:

  • file employment information every payday instead of an Employer monthly schedule (IR348)
  • provide new and departing employees’ address information, as well as their date of birth – if they have provided it to you
  • If you’re paying over $50,000 PAYE per year you are required by the IRD to go digital and it will have to be filed within 2 working days from payday.
  • If you’re under the $50,000 threshold you can still file through paper and you’ll have 10 working days to file.

Note: The due date for payment remains the same at the 20th of month.

What now?

If you file manually through paper: From March you will receive Employment Information (IR348) and New Employee Details (IR346) forms every month. This will replace the Employer Monthly Schedule (IR348) forms.

If you use a payroll software: You can file directly from your software… ask your provider when they’ll have payday filing compatible software.

If you file through MyIR manually: Opt in through the Payroll returns account. You can use the ‘file upload‘ or ‘online entry‘ options. Check out the how-to ‘opt in’ with the video below.

If you need guidance for your small business, what these changes mean, and how to get ready, book a free introductory meeting with us now and we’ll walk you through everything and getting you and your business, sorted.

You can also check out more in-depth information from the IRD here.

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