Then I just walk away.

Remember that ad with the Chinese guy that sprays the moss on his path, or whatever it was, then just walked away.   A bit later he comes back & it’s starting to die, and he just walks away.  And so on, until the path is completely moss-free.

I ‘m feeling like that now that we have shifted on to Receipt Bank, an add-on to Xero.    When I showed the Receipt Bank guy my wallet stuffed fill of 3 months of credit cards receipts his response was to tell me how disgusting it looked!  I agreed with him – not only could I not close my wallet properly, I knew that sooner or later I’d have to go through that pile of scrunched up paper and sort it into some order and match them up against the monthly statements.  It took me a few hours when I finally got round to it.

Never again.  Now I just take a photo, and walk away.  Or forward a pdf invoice and walk away.  Or scan an invoice and walk away.  Actually, I’m lying about the last one – someone else does it for me.

Within a short period of time, my invoice will auto-magically appear in Xero.  then it gets coded, and Xero auto-magically matches it against the payment when it comes through.

Now, I’ve only done a few so far, but Receipt Bank tells me that it’s already saved me 2 minutes.  It’s also saved me storage costs, because I threw the receipt away as soon as I’d taken a  photo of it.  Don’t need it. because the Xero invoice has a copy of my photo.   And if I ever need to look at the invoice in the future, then it will still be in Xero and accessible.

And all for under $20 a month!  That’s equal to 1 hour per month for an admin person who is paid $40,000 pa.

Or, if you manage your own books, it’s one more hour each month that you can spend doing things you love.  Priceless.

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