Wrong answer, Dean Barker! 

Dean Barker still in the ‘woe is me’ phase gets interviewed by John Campbell (Campbell LIVE is so much better than that cheap twitter trash on Seven Sharp)
‘The America’s cup is my life’ says Deano begging for his job back. ‘I gave my heart and soul’, he assured us.

John Campbell tries to make him cry (always good for ratings).

Dean holding on, Campbell prying. Dean speaks slower, Campbell speaks slower.

Then JK asks the question every buyer asks every seller (consciously or unconsciously)

“Why should the government fund another campaign?”

This is the money shot. If Dean only answers one question well THIS IS IT

Actually the buyer version is “Why should I buy from you over all other options including the option of doing nothing?’ – same thing.

Everytime you buy you are asking yourself this either consciously or subconsciously.

This is when the ‘Successful’ business owner goes on autopilot and delivers a prescript-ed answer that converts the heathens, opens the wallet and leads all thoughts to you being the ONLY possible option.

All that sailing training and what does he do? He muffs his lines and nose dives the bow into the water.

Deano spouts on emotionally about if ‘we don’t act fast then we will lose the team.’

OK Deano but BEFORE I can work out my personal damage if I ‘lose the team’ I need to answer the question ‘why do I even want this expensive team?’ Apart from the emotional roller-coaster of watching you sail is there anything else? Or is keeping you and your mates busy and rich for the next 3 years my only benefit?

Yes I understand you ‘don’t want to lose the team’ because it is ‘your life’ but it’s not mine. And its not the ‘life’ for the average tax payer who does not have five houses on Waiheke Island like Dalts and Deano.

How should he have answered?

If he had been through Speed Marketing training he might have said…

“The GST the government received from the building of two competing boats alone was more than they put into our campaign”.

When you look at it like that the government made a profit from the America’s Cup. If we won and had the regatta head back to Auckland that would have been a bonus – even more money.

Now we have an answer that even a solo mother in Porirua (saving for her first house) could back.

Dalts the fundraiser might have given this answer but Deano missed this class.

Its not enough for the boss to have the ‘answer’, EVERY member of the team needs to be able to trot it out, verbatim on the spot.


To help you, because I know you do not have a USP, I (Richard Petrie) have produced a blog that contains a free report and a worksheet to create your answer. Having a good answer changes everything and makes selling easy.

Just click http://www.speedmarketing.co.nz/ to go to the page.

Reproduced with the kind permission of Richard Petrie, Speed Marketer Extraordinaire.

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