By Devoe Rangi, Connected Accountants Consultant

Departing words from Devoe

Five years ago I joined Connected Accountants as a blank canvas, I was fresh out of university and it was my first job. Over the years I have gone from delivery of compliance to high-level advisory and now I am walking out of the Connected doors with an entirely different skill set than what I came in with. This growth has come from the well-paired combination of an eager-to-develop new grad and an environment and culture that enables rapid learning and growth.

As I begin the next step in my career overseas in London, I want to reflect on what I believe has made a difference in my journey in hopes that some of you may get a few ideas on what could work for you and your business. As competition increases for talent retention and acquisition, the environment and culture you create within your business are one of the ways you can attract talented individuals who can set your business apart from the rest.

The environment

The environment at Connected Accountants values learning and encourages it from the onset. As a result, I could grasp a lot of concepts when I was at a stage in my career where I was eager to learn as much as possible. The company teaches curiosity and gives employees the tools and resources to figure out solutions to problems on their own. This approach allowed me to learn faster as I was able to come to my own conclusions and then be guided by those with more knowledge to the final answer. Connected Accountants supports employees when they fail, this is important because it allows people to grow and learn without being discouraged. The company rewards success and recognises the value of failure as a learning opportunity.

The right fit

In addition to having the right environment, it is also important to have the right people who will thrive in that environment and align with the company's cultural values. Connected Accountants conducts behavioural testing through a model called DISC profiles. This is important as it allows the company to understand the individual and how they would behave in different environments and approach their development in a way tailored to their way of operating. 

Wrapping up

The environment and culture at Connected Accountants has enabled me to develop and grow in my role. The company values learning and encourages curiosity while supporting employees when they fail. It also has a process in place to ensure that it hires the right people who align with the company's cultural values. Other small business owners can learn from this approach when thinking about talent retention and acquisition.

If you would like to talk to one of our consultants to help get set up and to improve your business then call us today.

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