Trust is the key to high-value business advisory

A key part of our service is to provide high-value business advisory for our clients. The problem, as we see it, is that most accountancy firms look at their clients in terms of their financial net worth, without digging deeper and understanding the people, culture or unique challenges of an individual business.


This much we found to be true when talking with Mahanga Maru, founder of Maru Consulting, about his experience working with us. Mahanga works with high-profile clients, including government, crown and energy companies, to help elevate Māori leadership and build on cultural understanding within a wider New Zealand context. Protecting the natural resources sector and elevating core aspects of language and cultural understanding within the workplace has formed much of Mahanga’s career to date.

A business advisory that listens

Relationships are important in business and Mahanga explained that he wanted advice beyond the numbers. He was looking for a partnership and business advisory built on trust, respect and a deep understanding of his leadership style and his business offering.


Mahanga’s relationship with us dates back some time, when he was first searching for a Wellington-based advisory. More specifically, Mahanga has come to build a strong working relationship with one of our star accountancy advisors, Devoe Rangi. During lockdown, Mahanga started advising independently for the government, and used much of his time to revisit his consulting business model. In thinking about how best to structure his offer to deliver a full pipeline of work, he needed advice beyond a financial report.


Devoe quickly became Mahanga’s key point of contact, taking the time to build a relationship with Mahanga and understand the perspective of Maru Consulting’s clients. The interpersonal skills and confidence Devoe brought to the role helped form a high level of advisor trust and symbiotic thinking. Together, Mahanga and Devoe have been building strategies around business resilience, capturing the bigger picture, and digging deeper to find and come up with solutions to any potential problems.

“We’ve got a high trust relationship. What that means is that they go beyond the pragmatic advice that you would get from most accountants, to dig a bit deeper and identify the problems, and more importantly, come up with solutions.” – Mahanga Maru

A productive outcome for all

Working so closely with a trusted accountant and business advisor has been real positive for Maru Consulting. Mahanga states that he’s been able to meet, and even exceed, his business goals for 2020 and 2021. A full pipeline of work is no mean feat in a global pandemic. Going further than the usual pragmatic advice has meant that Mahanga has come to trust in Devoe’s judgement. Together, they’ve worked to arrive at strategic goals which keep the purpose of Maru Consulting front of mind.  


A solid base of advice and preplanning has also allowed Mahanga to recently focus on other business ventures, as he looks to grow his second year in the tourism industry. Air Ruatoria, founded during Covid, allows Kiwis hassle-free flights over our native Aotearoa, traveling over scenic locations such as Mt Hikurangi, Whāngārā and the Rocket Lab near Māhia. We’re excited to see one of our clients take on a new challenge, and look forward to building on the foundation of trust we’ve developed through our strong relationship in the future.